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Meet with NEIdeas Outreach Coordinator James Feagin for help and tips filling out the NEIdeas Business Challenge Application! The application was catered for the busy business owner, but that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. Let’s do this, together.

You can reach us anytime at (844) NEI-DEAS.


NEIdeas: Rewarding Ideas for Business Growth


  1. Victoria Ogletree
    May. 12, 2014
    I am working with a business idea that will change the face of Detroit in fashion. I am not operating yet but under the Eligibility for Consideration section on your website, I noted: Eligible businesses may designated a contact person to apply on the business owner's behalf. For example: if a boutique owner sent me as a contact person because of my idea that will increase their sales, and benefit the community would I become eligible to apply?
    • May. 13, 2014
      NEIdeas rewards existing businesses - three years of age or older - with ideas to grow. You may be designated as a contact person on behalf of the business but it is the business - represented by the business owner(s) and a relevant idea for growth - that is the eligible applicant, not the contact person. If selected as a finalist, the applying business will have to share their required financial information. If selected as a winner, the applying business will receive the funds to execute the idea in their application.
  2. Mia Carswell
    May. 12, 2014
    Would I have to register for informational session?
    • May. 12, 2014
      No, you do not have to register for any of our information sessions. They are open to the public. We encourage you to come to as many as you would like and to spread the word to other business owners.
  3. janice saur
    May. 6, 2014
    what is the deadline for applying for the grant?

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