Motor City Java & Tea House People's Choice Candidate

Business: Cafe

Location: Detroit - Old Redford

Established: 2010

Contact: click here

Motor City Java & Tea House is a creative neighborhood coffee shop offering an environment of wholesome and natural foods, baked goods, and fair trade and specialty coffees. Their cozy lounge comfortably accommodates meetings with WI-FI and books. Their vibrant artistic courtyard is an unforgettable experience.

What’s their idea?
Purchase a new Espresso Machine; a Point of Sale (POS) System; marketing tools such as advertising and a website; and a video surveillance system. This will allow Motor City Java & Tea House to better serve and meet the needs of their customers, employees, and business by increasing quality, efficiency, staff, productivity, and product reach.

How would this investment benefit the business, their neighborhood, and the city?
A thriving business means more hires from within the neighborhood earning a livable wage and taking pride in their work, home, and City. Boosted security allows the surrounding block and business to remain safe and friendly. Ingredients and equipment purchased locally also supports the community.

Motor City Java & Tea House is dedicated to inspiring their customers, offering a safe environment, maintaining social responsibility, and exceling at customer service. They consider themselves to be a sanctuary in the community and this investment would allow them to continue to be the heart and soul of the neighborhood and a hub of hope – connecting people to volunteer efforts, events, and art projects. They often partner with non-profits such as Motor City Blight Busters Detroit to facilitate these community efforts.