Dexter Quality Cleaners People's Choice Candidate

Business: Dry Cleaning

Location: Detroit - W Davison

Established: 2002

Contact: click here

Dexter Quality Cleaners is a dry cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, laundry and alterations business. They offer same day service, discounts for seniors and “pre-paid” orders, as well as “free” pick-up and delivery service, which is the hallmark of their business.

What’s their idea?
Invest in physical improvements – a bright awning and a more customer friendly lobby area – to enhance the appearance and safety of both the building and the street; perform maintenance on the business’s van and update it with signage so that it may serve as mobile promotion; and create awareness to the business through a website and printed advertising. This will allow Dexter Quality Cleaners to promote their business, expand delivery, appeal to a broader market, attract new customers, and increase revenue.

How would this investment benefit the business, their neighborhood, and the city?
Attracting more walk-in customers through an improved building appearance will increase revenue and provide potential customers to other small local businesses on the block. Eliminating blight on the block will also make it feel safer for foot traffic, including kids. Generating new business will allow for more hires and training to one or two part-time workers from the immediate neighborhood, which as a high rate of unemployment.
Ultimately, as a stronger business, Dexter Quality Cleaners’ believes that they will be working towards their goal of opening a second Detroit location and employing more local residents, with the theme”Dexter Quality Cleaners Serving Detroit on Wheels with Cleaning Deals.”