Get to know the NEIdeas People’s Choice Candidates!

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Berry Gordy was a business man who knew a good song when he heard one. But even with success, he wondered, “Why write songs for a company in New York only to be paid pennies on the dollar in royalties?” He had a bigger idea: bottle a sound, polish it up, and package it for the world under one roof in Detroit. Gordy just needed a little nudge and, in 1959, he got one. An $800 loan from his family (the equivalent of $6,400 today) helped Gordy build Motown Records and grow a legacy.

The NEIdeas People’s Choice awards are giving a little nudge to a few existing small businesses with two $10,000 grants. The NEIdeas $10K challenge received nearly 600 submissions, many as ambitious as Berry Gordy’s Motown or as simple as one more barbershop chair! The challenge was full of so many great ideas, leaving NEIdeas with no choice other than to extend the opportunity to the public through a voting process called the People’s Choice Awards.

Beyond the 30 recently awarded grants. Four businesses have been selected to compete for two additional awards of $10K. The public can begin voting on Sunday, November16 by texting their favorite business’ vote code to 22333, tweeting the code to @poll or voting from the People’s Choice page. Each person can submit a vote through each voting method once during the voting period, which ends December 11.


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